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England, Half English - text


My mother was half English
And I'm half English too
I'm a great big bundle of culture
Tied up in the red, white and blue
I'm a fine example of your Essex man
I'm well familiar with the Hindustan
'Cause my neighbors are half English too

My breakfast was half English
And so am I you know
I had a plate of Marmite soldiers
Washed down with a cappuccino
And I'll have a veggie curry about once a week
The next day a fry it up as "Bubble 'N' Squeak'
'Cause my appetite's half English
And I'm half English too

Dance with me
To this very English melody
From Morris Dancing to Morrisey
All that stuff came from across the sea

Britannia she's half English
She speaks Latin at home
St. George was born in the Lebanon
How he got here I don't know
And those three lions on his shirt
They never sprung from England's dirt
Them lions are half English
And I'm half English too

Le-li Umma le-li-ya, le-li Umma le-li-ya
Le-li Umma le-li-ya, le-li, bledi g'desh akh! le-li-ya

Oh my country
Oh my country
Oh my country
What a beautiful country you are

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