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Motown Philly Remix Radio Edit - text


[Michael Bivins]
Yo fellas, y'all ready to do this?

[Boyz II Men]
Yeah, wassup
Boyz II Men
Boyz II Men
Boyz II Men
Boyz II Men

1 - Motownphilly back again
Doin' a little eastcoast swang
Boyz II Men, the way ?
Not too hard, not too soft

Long overdue and now, Philly is slammin'
(Everybody it's) Boyz II Men, ABC, BBD
The eastcoast family
Never skipped a beat, while coolin' on South Street
Jet black Benz, plenty of friends
(And all the foods that you could eat)

2 - Back in school, we used to dream about this everyday
Could it really happen, or do dreams just fade away?
Now everybody is singin', now it's in the town, woo ooh
So we started a group and here we are
Kickin' it just for you, oh

[Michael Bivins]
Yo, these four new jacks is real smooth on the harmony tip
Nate, Mike, Shawn and Wan
You know the mentality
Keep spittin' the gift

The spotlight is on us now, watch us do this
Da dop.. Baa-da-dop.. Ba dop dop dop dop
Live and direct from Philly town
(Rappin' hype and we can get down)
We are ready to roll
So now the world will know that we roll

[Michael Bivins]
Now check this out, one day back in Philly
Four guys wanted to sing
They came up to me, I said "but what's your name?" (Boyz II Men!)
Hey, ya know what I'm sayin'?
Then I said, "aiight fellas, let me see what you can do"
And then the smiling one named Wanya said "yo Mike, check this out
See if this one moves you"

[Boyz II Men]
Doom doom doom da dop
Doom doom doom da dop
Da ya ya ya dop, da dop, da oh oh oh

Doom doom doom da dop
Doom doom doom da dop
Da ya ya ya dop, da dop, da oh oh oh

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