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Pointless Fast Rap - text


Oh - Hello. Welcome
Let me check your APPOINTMENT then
Ah, right here written in BALLPOINT pen
Now it's gonna get a little bit hectic from here so POINT your head
Down, towards the ground and follow the POINTMEN

(clears throat)

Let Dave explain
We're getting to the POINT of no return
Can't save your game
There's no CHECKPOINT on the way, and if you don't observe
You'll be held at GUNPOINT
POINT blank
Forfeiting all of your POINTS man
Withdraw it from the CASHPOINT in the wall
And forced to put it all in my POINT bank
I - I - don't feel guilt
There's no POINT crying over spilt milk
And with a little bit of luck I can cover it up
Smoothly like I did it with a silk quilt
What's the POINT of this
For the sake of art man; POINTILLIST
Don't take it hard, it's POINTLESS
So enjoy the ride
And find the like and then POINT and click
Let me POINT out you're avoiding the stats
You're nothing but a POINT on a graph
Had a pacifistic STANDPOINT in the past
But times change man so I POINT and I laugh
When I'm POINTING a gat and I'm PINPOINT accurate
Center of attention; MIDPOINT master and
I would APPOINT you apprentice
If it wasn't so hard to be this pretentious
Dave, that selling POINT isn't the best
Uh, thanks. I'd never have guessed that POINDEXTER
But when I loudly voice my POINT of view
It's COUNTERPOINT, you'll sing a different tune
But I never want to be a bit of a DISAPPOINTMENT
Cause I'm actually nice
Like when my Irish friend says 'Fancy a PINT'"

Text přidala WampireGirl

Video přidala WampireGirl

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