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As I Watch The Sun Fuck The Ocean - text



can we ever forgive love for its pain
a tragic poem that forever burns on my brain
the city's sweat is scaring her into her dreams
as the song string the filler quiet evening.
put your words on fire till [something, something]

so throw it away from this mother fucking human world.
as we wonder as she laughs i caught her crying

I am not your savior
but i'm crippled with desire

let the smile give her everything she needs
but i'm the song, the song she doesn't want to sing
forgive me as, i burn into the evening.
and run from love, and take the field of pain
in these words, tearing me and make me bleed
[something] as if you'll come and find me.
light it enters mentally emotion

as i watch the sun fuck the ocean

I am not your savior
but i'm crippled with desire
cuz i'm not your savior
not the wonder
now i sit here crippled with desire

Desire (6x)

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