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I’m on the top, with the job
Jumping to my death
Its Paris the Tower Eiffel
The sexiest building left

I’ve been waiting here for far too long
I look around for something strong
My heart beats on and on
And suddenly I can’t think clear
Getting close I sit close to you
Suddenly I fear and fear

I feel sexy up so high
Feel my treasure chest
Let’s have sex before I die
It will be my se**** best

I’m waiting here to be saved
By someone strong and someone brave

What I feel my legs grow weak
And my voice it starts to squeak

As I look the ground grows near
As I dance I fear I fear

I’m cumming! I’m cumming!

I love you Eiffel Tower you’ve got something I admire
I love you Eiffel Tower falling leg around your spire

I feel sexy sexy Eiffel Tower
Makes you feel too revered after many hours

Hold my legs my body hold me
All my life my one and only

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