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The harrowing - text

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I won't let it get to me
Plummeting to my own corruption
Flutters from a feather stripped wing
Suppressed I feel them failing
I've fallen onto the road of darkness
Again, and again an endless cycle that has to be endured
No hand of god, no wings of an angel
Burdened by sin, pure fucking hate and a reason why
No tomorrow for the ones that are like you
Now you will burn in the darkest depths of this hell
Every day I'm on the fucking brink of it all
My guidance is clear but I'm still in this nightmare
Obscure, I'm left to drown in my own fear
This sickness it spreads throughout me
No trust, a burden that's scolded into me
I've given up on hope
No reassurance can pull me out of this fucking hole
No time to waste
I've been to this place
Only harrowing thoughts of disdain

Because of you, I'm stuck in my head
Thinking of all the pain you put me through
No more (no more)
No more will I wait silently, this has consumed me
Your final punishment waits no fucking longer
Now it's time for you to meet the end of the fucking blade
Take no fucking prisoners
I'll watch you bleed out on the fucking stone
Even if you scream
It will never be enough
See the agony in my eyes
As your flesh is burnt down to the rind
It will never be enough
You sold your soul now you will be one with the ash
You knew how this would unfold
Scum like you make me sick to the bone
Sick to the fucking bone.

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