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You will remember me
Eagerly I hunt the targets
Eviscerate the scum
Bullet to their brain
Send them numb
I’ll watch you plummet into the ground
This shard of glass refracts a darker past
An inescapable, remorseless morose
I embrace the dread
A maniacal altered state
A disposition of steel
Consuming me
Triggering the realisation
Of pain endured in endless variations
This shell embodies my incarceration
Life erased
Seeking transcendence through assimilation
Hunt them down
Seek vengeance through their total decimation
No mercy
Making them pay for this humiliation
A list of targets through interrogation
Leave no trace
Framing their enemies through infiltration
Leave no trace
No mercy
Hunt them down

My dormant, darker past
No longer cowers in slumber
I summon forth thy rage
Awaken from the ash
From the spawn of ash
(Kevin Muller)
Awaken hatred from the soil
Brewed from Madness
I crave obliteration from the masses
I swore I’d hunt every last one of you fuckers down
I rise in atrophy
Entombed where my rage will birth
Butchery with no purpose
Just agony
For what you did to me
Never ending war
For revenge will be the
Scar of man

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