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My mind, my prison - text

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No longer will I suffer
No longer will I drown my sorrows
Another drop could seal this fate
As it rips my heart from the inside of me
I stare at the ground
Pondering in disbelief
Only are walls
No doors at all
And endless cycle to be endured
(The light flickers)
(Daunting figures)
A different face same person inside
What I will see is down to you, I have everything to lose
It's unsheathed its blade
So sharp, I can't feel the pain on my skin
Only when I come around, I see how fucking deep it's cut me

Just how fucking deep it's cut me
Vice grip on my soul, the same story always unfolds
Embarrassment, shame
Will always stay the same
This intoxication leads to my annihilation
Can't put it down, or face the facts
It's been pulling me under
Forgotten, not lost
It pulls me from the inside
You got the best of me and left nothing
Will be my anchor, will be my curse
They didn't listen
My mind is a fucking prison
Liars and fakes, all brought down to a level of shame
So, tell me, who's wrong now?
Liars and fakes, all brought down to a level of shame.
For the first time
I hear it whisper subtle dread
Pulled into the womb
This chasm, a fabled medusa
No life made, just dreams of empty space
A plague I will always taste
I lay awake
Seeking my fate
I must persevere.

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