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Of Nymph and Nihil - text


The whims and wiles,
Of fools will sway
Your hapless vain,
Romantic swain

Pendulum prelude
For sacrifice

With chariot, and leaves in hair
Debaucherous intent to share

No laurel tree
Will clothe thee
On this night

My ready-made, will occupy
No frame, no fame!

Put down your nails
As heaven fails
To bless...Possess!

Thy naked charms
Black Magick Choir
Shall sing
This thing...

So beautiful, immense a spell
I've cast...My last

Ooh...these words within
A cauldron's contents
Held in sin

The past and present
Are but one component
Of this lesson, oh...

What will be?
Tell me grand vizier
Do you see!?

Slighted once, twice mad
And now this night's
Rife for defilement

My ready-made, will occupy
No frame, no fame!

Oh lady dear
Your pistol shining, oh
Spin the chamber
Listen for the click and then you'll know

The sound rings clear
And you're endeared
A stygian passage
Swallows all the darkness
you had feared

My ready-made, will occupy
No frame, no fame!

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