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Midnight i walk this path alone
No place to call my home
Twist the thorns around my fragile spine
Stand up straight and proceed in one line
I couldnť predict what you wanted from me
All i know is it's the pain that sets me free
Conjure with me tonight
Frozen in silence waiting for the voices to return
I still embrace the sound of one
Can you hear them now?
The walls are closing in
Constricting. suffocating
I can feel myself sinking
Embrace the fear. Paralysed
Frozen by fear down your spine
Heavily medicated, dont't keep me restrained
There's nothing wrong with being sick and twisted inside your brain
So witness all of the psychological side effects
It's too late for me now 'cause i dont't want to be fixed
I wont be frozen by fear
Waiting for the silence but the screams are all that i hear
Waiting for some guidance
Inflicting pain so show me those bitter sweet tears

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