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Elixir (Feat. Tim Goergen of Within The Ruins.. - text


Twisted thoughts or logical lies?
Look in the mirror and read between the lines
My hollow mind is broken and bruised
Using all of my strenght so i can come and find you
So take a second to appreciate this
If i had one wish, i would fucking gut you
And in the moments of your final breath
Would you beg for death like i begged to have you
View life through the bottle
Taste my past in every throb
I've grown tired, I've grown weak
These are days of which we shall never speak
A serenade opened my eyes
Gave life into a hoppeless mind
Realizing nothing lasts forever and we all die
Forget another day
The pills and potions wash away
Finding another way
Feels like im drowning in this pain
I question myself and the reasons why
Time is moving forward but at least i know i tried
If only you could see through my eyes
Nothing last forever, we all fucking die
Drowning in this misery
Drown me in this agony
I can!t take it

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