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Long week at work is nearly done and the weekend's coming up
No time for rest, no time for sleep or visit the local pub
We've been waiting for so long - and guess what it can be
Let's pack the van and off we go - direction : Germany!
Turn the music up full blast and here we go again
London town to Folkestone Port, M20 fastest lane
It's gonna be a great weekend, believe me when I say
Friends, beer,pfeffi, singalong - this is the only way
Oi! Oi! Off we go! Another country,another show
There's nothing else just party in our minds
Oi! Oi! Off we go! Another town we didn't know
We're driving, leaving everything behind
We ain't gonna stay at home, how easy life could be
Eat a sunday roast, stroke the dog and watch a DVD
But we'd rather hit the road and visit another town
With just a couple hours kip and our livers upside down
We've had many sleepless nights and too much alcohol
Belgium, France, Poland, Spain we've done it all before
Do you remember the catchy song that Bargy always sings
So live your life and don't regret - A single thing!

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