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The sun will shine after the rain
You've heard it countless times
Sitting at the bar with an empty glass
Your world is braking down
Your train is late but you don't complain
It's time to head back home
Coz it was the longest day
And everything went wrong
Life here brings you hopes or tears
It's either up or down
Like any other dirty street in any dirty town
Forget the bad times, they're gone
Another step ahead - come on!
The only time you should ever look back
Is to see how far you've come
The sun will shine after the rain
You've heard it countless times
Walking alone down the old brick lane
With you eyes still looking down
You're seeing all in grey it's not a lovely day
Again in london town
Round the corner lies another chance
And tomorrow things might be fine
Nobody will show you how to live
Will you find the way to get back on track?
Whatever you do, whoever you are you gotta believe
Just keep on movin and don't look back
Dont' you ever look back!

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