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I hear a heart beat
It's ringing out across the universe
It sounds so lost and lonely
It must come from somewhere deep inside of us
And the operator says
''All is calm
All is quiet
Close your eyes and sleep tonight''

This is the world calling
This is earth
This is the world calling
This is us

I'm on a train now
I'm moving through the yellow fields of rape
There's so much beauty
I wished that I believed enough to pray
Then the operator says
''Spinning 'round, you're wrapped in blue
There's no-one looks as good as you''

This is the world calling
This is us
And it goes on and on

Text přidal atblatex

Video přidal DamonG

Loudmouth - The Best Of Bob Geldof & The Boomtown Rats

The Boomtown Rats texty

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