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The Story of Hip Hop - text


Alright now, shhhh, I have the nicest surprise for you
But you first must wash your face and get ready...
(splashing) hmmm, hmmm, hmmm...
Listen carefully... shhh. I want to tell you a story about Hip Hop
Hello little Hip Hop
The flowers liked Hip Hop, and Hip Hop liked the flowers. (Yes.)
He lived with his sister, Skip Hop (La la la...)
And his brother, Slide Hop. (Hey.)
He never rests. He beats and whirrs and whirrs so fast that you can't
Tell what he looks like. (Thump thump, prrrrrr, click click, quack.)
Little Hip Hop started to hop
Skip Hop didn't know when they would ever stop
Hip Hop for breakfast, lunch and dinner
Look at all the pretty flowers... (Acht, zeven, zes, grapefruit.)
One day, Hip Hop took a deep breath, shut his eyes, and jumped...
Poor little Hip Hop, there he was, right in your house... ooooh
("Be careful!", "Hello Canada!", " Buddhists"
"That's all-natural.", "Nein!", "Gesichtsmassage.")
"I closed my eyes and jumped until... Thump!
I didn't plan to hop into your home, really I didn't!"
One small tear came. "Stop crying little Hip Hop
I'm glad you came to see me. I get lonesome
With no one to make me laugh. Ho ho ho!"
And off they went with a hop and a hip
A skip and a slide, all happy inside
Their heads bobbed up and down...
How funny he looks, jumping up and down, whirling in the air...
And the flowers love him. He's always around some flowers
Now you see the trouble little Hip Hop got into
It was all because he didn't look where he hopped...
And even the flowers talk to each other, like people do
But the sounds they make are different
Listen carefully, and try to understand what they say

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