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Hello, greetings and welcome. Welcome to a new beginning, for this tape will serve you as a new beginning. That's right, a new beginning, as we're about ready to begin. On this recording, music specifically created for its pleasurable effects upon your mind, body and emotions is mixed with a warm orange colored liquid. Your body is now a glass container. You can smell the orange colored liquid, for the deeper you go, the deeper you go. And if there's extra saliva there, swallow it and take yourself down deeper and deeper. Deeper and deeper, and deeper, and deeper
I will be your guide in this journey, and I hope to be of help without intruding any more than is absolutely necessary. You may just possibly detect from my voice that I am Irish, and now I leap forward in time. The answer is blowing in the...
I am calm and calm. I am relaxed and relaxed. I am the loop that goes 'round and 'round in your head, flowing warmth. Whoever you think you presently are, thank you.'s far out. It's far out. All that you read, all that you see, all that you hear. Filling up your head... orange colored liquid. It is nice to relax, isn't it. Put the key in the lock, unlock the door, and a fountain of ears is available. If possible, in our modern world, listen for your eyes in your ears. We will continue this pattern until we have reached the Infinite Everything. Now put on some undergarments and go deeper, and deeper, and deeper...

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