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Chain of Missing Links - text


At this extraordinary time in history where consciousness is exploding and developing
Take the room that you need
To rotate
And love

To be in this world
To be a fleshy temple
Allow the deep energy to flow through
From below

Realize that your eyes are made up of atoms that are microscopic
And are mostly space
They're in fact filled with the substance of your life
Your very essence fills these spaces
And even if through accident or through surgery
Those powerful structures have been removed out of your body
Let go...

There's more space there
Than there is matter
More space
To relax

You do so much work
There's so much going on
You're old and used up at the atomic level
Give yourself a rest
Allow yourself to release
Through the nose
Through your mouth
And into the spaces located just about
An inch or an inch and a half below your metaphorical heart
And about two inches behind who you were meant to be
Allow greater clarity and finer attunement
The ability to hear essence speak
To allow your brain to expand

This muscle that pumps
The magic of your hands
Your deep, brilliant golden teeth
Beaming through the transverse colon
You too work hard
Giving yourself the Buddha belly
With love
And with the passage of food over many years
Realize for a moment that the average human being only uses about five percent of their brain
The other ninety-five percent is available
For food

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