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WasteOfSpace - text


[Verse 1]
Still doped up
Don't approach me when I'm rolling up
Gold blunt guts in the platinum cup
I kill my lungs and left my body numb
Can't feel a thing you could put me in the rain
Droplets running down my face
But my skin can not sense a thing

Hold up, hold up
Every day I'm getting older, older
Every night I'm tryna focus, focus
But I can't get it
There's something wrong with my head
And I can't explain it

I'm running out of options if I ever had any, try not to panic
Body itching I'm trying to kick it, life's my bad habit
I cause a scene then I'm napping, goodnight
I am what's after this life
We are the Lords of the Flies
On our own island we rise

[Verse 2]
Lot of people say they do what they don't
Never seen you alone in these roads
Thirty in my pack like a cartridge I blow
On the shoulder of the mighty river going with the flow
Wait, where I go, I just do what I want
Like whoop there it is, ain't nobody gonna tell me shit
No more scrapping for the rent
No more stealing for some shit
I was always in some shit
And I swear I'd never admit
That I needed a change of pace to really go and arrange
My life in some sort of order that doesn't result in pain (what?)

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes
NoRedeemingQualities until I'm gone

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