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If you really want me to
I'll keep you safe incase they come for you
It's '99, but it's feelin' like it's '92
My hair get long, way longer than my fuckin' life with you
I'm in the dark, cryin' hard
Tear drops up on my fuckin' shoes
You say you happy
I say, bitch that's good for you
You say you hate me
I respond with, I love you too
It's nothin' new, with my brothers on the fuckin' stoop
Still doin' what'll end up killin' me, the funny thing is
I could never give a fuck if you never ever end up feelin' me
Girlfriends they hearin' me, Boyfriends they fearin' me
Skinny white motherfucker, rollin' up another blunt
And sippin' up on my Hennessy
Said that you'd be there for me, tell me what did I do
Turn to ghost when the flashbacks go
I'm dying with a thought of a thought of you
You know deep down that you wish you'd never done it
Now you're all alone and I truly hope you love it, yeah

(Outro 2x)
Ridin' on them thangs, I'm feelin' like a mack
My cell phone ringin', I never answer that

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Bones texty

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