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Don't you come up to me
You ain't no friend of me
You don't compare with me
Let alone stand with me
You can't compete with me
We do things differerently
You, you wait to be helped and we
We get up and do fucking anything
We make it happen
You just sit back and keep with the relaxin
Say you a rapper whatever will help you sleep do what you have to
Boy I done did it
That ain't your brain thinkin
That shit is mine its time after time
They hang on the line dont touch it it's live
Fuck this rap shit now its over
Know we done it all before and know we drop like cliffs of dover
Making sure the drought is over use to post up under boulders
Smoking shit to drought is over now im older little bolder
And my shoulder stay get colder
Load up knockoff cola on the days our lungs were frozen
Trashbag lift the hatch come lift the back a batch 120 total
Never changed cuz I never wanna
Never distribute cuz I would have done em
Hope you dont see me when its all done and
I fade back to the grey above you

Text přidala Rebella

Video přidala Rebella

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