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Chris Travis:
We won't ever stop, hop scotch to the top
Made bands, then we drop, till we left in the box
Never dead, but we not, NES, fuck a spot
Fuck a ho and a cop, and a nigga what he not
Born blazed, getting payed, thinking 'bout 100 ways
I can split a million dollars, get it back 100 ways
But we slide cross the stage, no smile on my face
Till I'm fried, and I'm straight, till my vein overlay
Ridin' round the city ain't got no roof
Wanna taste the water running, I'm living proof
Open up the shades, it's the city view
Money in my face, I can't look at you
If you want a feature, I'ma look at you
Like give me all your money, give me all your loot
I'm posted smoking weed, cutting up the fruit
I'm looking in the mirror, They can't fuck with you
They just some, old men, takin' young ideas
Fuck up outta here, spread the word and disappear
Skinny white trash, cut you like a John Deere
Bitch we movin' into kill, making moves all year
Working for the label, try to dress like you ain't major
But you listening and watching while you creepin' like the neighbors
If you see me steer clear, words you don't wanna hear
Hands, you don't want to feel, all I wanna see is tears
Fuck this competition, I don't need nobody listening to me
I never gave a fuck about a cosign or a million
We doing shit the way we want and nobody can take it from us
You can try and be us and that's cool, just make sure you humble
Did a few tours, did some shows, now ooh shit, picture of the team now it's just the music blueprint
Teach you how to do shit, riding with the crew shit, fuck whoever say they doin' it bitch we do it

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