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Xavier Wulf:
They see me doin' me and they get so inspirated
Bitch you know me, I ain't worried 'bout who hatin'
Smokin' seaweed, man, now I sit adjacent
Fallin' jewels jinglin' hanging from me while a ranger
Posted, no clip, just peace in my holster
Plan B, pull the blade on him, now he hold up
Grow up, I ain't Sosa but I still made her glow up
Thunder man, tundra boy, cold like Dakota

Young and I'm gorgeous, the flow fuckin' flawless
I know that talk is cheap, but from me you can't afford it
Drugs in my cauldron, mixin' up the potion
Young white witch in the Styx, just flowin'
Creepin' like I'm Voldo, posted in the corridor
Gimme the light like Sean Paul, smokin' like I'm on parole
I said, "Stop, you lyin', you actin' like you grind
You flexin' in them Benzes, but them bitches still parked
Hope your momma ain't around to see her son be nothin'
Hope you know nobody 'round when you say you stuntin'"
No mask, no axe, just a blade on my lap
Birdbaths in the back let you know it's like that
Green grass, white stone, got a pool in my room
Diving board made of diamonds, shining while I'm in my tomb
No Rolex, no, give a fuck about the time
Cause no matter what they say, I know I'll always be mine

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Caves (ft. Xavier Wulf)

Bones texty

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