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Came in the door, still fiendin for the dope
Bones searchin' high and low
Used to get cashed off resin bowls
Used to risk our flesh and bone just to take some money home
Used to think that havin' that would make us happy, we were wrong
Had a lookout when we shook down, boy don't look at me, just look down
When we see a fucker put down, tell me though please now, what is good now
Cracking the leaves when I walk at night, made a lotta fuckin sight
Talkin' to me left, dont do it, make sure you talkin' right
Say you got plans, real big ones
The fuck you talking bout?
It's all I ever heard, shit never happens
What you barkin' bout?

Healthy Boyz, bitch, we at the top of the food chain
Talk shit, bitch, get whooped like Liu Kang
Robbed like 2 Chainz, snatched for 2 days
Eddy Baker buzzin' like two ways
Drugs in my jeans, scumbags and rockstars on my team
Big long ass blunts called on my [?]
College girls dreams, steeze so clean
I'm a man around my way, you can ask around
I stay with the loud like Pastor Brown
Me nino brown, I'm a bastard child
Born in the nile, raised up so vile
Hope you fuck the top down at the bottom
Flexin' hard with a couple models
Backwoods and high like bottles
Livin life drivin' full throttle

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