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Been a freak since Creep
Still a man from down the street
That they do not wanna meet, show my teeth and leave you weak
I don't need no breeze, I don't need no sun
I don't need no money, I don't need no one
Bitch, my time has just been begun, non that I've done can't get redone
Talking them guns, are they for fun?
Where I'm from they lose them young
100 rifles in the kitchen, foam cooler in the truck
They get fucked up and bang, like their time is almost done
Drink click-clack, then they drop you down
Think they cute, think they making new sounds
Got payed, and they think they're cool now
But that's obligatory, nothing new now
Used to this shit
Thinking you hard, I've got news for you bitch
You're new to this shit
Reaching for me and you're losing a limb
Bitch, I'm used to this shit
Rewind, eject, send it back
On a hill with a Map in my lap
Trace roads with my finger, where they at
Walk the world like I woke up just like that
From this far down, they look just like ants
So far from my home I stand
Insignificance, in-admission when I see the roads at first glance

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