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It's Just A Few (prod.Cat Soup) - text


Talkin' 'bout crack, cuz they heard it in a rap
Went and got some Raf, cause they saw it on they backs
Fuck a price tag, they gon' pay that tax
Just to look like another, they gon' shed a couple racks
See got a mirror tell me what is lookin back
A cookie cutter beam with an influence past
Sponge like brain, with a frame soo vain
I be nothin' but offended if you look my way
Brush off the partical, Bones is the oracle
Harnessed, was frightened, the world is so horrible
Delicate thoughts and third count on my rolls
Step on the balcony, speak to the world
Shadow that lives in the corner
It falls on the house like a tree when it storming
It covers the floor like it's flooded
It happens at random, you don't get no warning
Im lookin' for a way to reverse it
I don't see a thing and the light looks nervous
The crown molding is molding
And the bricks in the fireplace crack and they crumble

Hold that thought, let me smoke
Sittin' on the fuckin' back porch

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