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[Verse 1]
Eye to eye, power line live
I want to fly Lenny Kravitz never lied
I want to get away somewhere out of sight
Maybe just then everything will pan out alright
It's the hundred pack smoking blunt roller creepin' up behind you
Thought I'd knock you off on the off chance I despise you
Not one to be lied to, quick to press rewind, you
End up where you were before your birth, now don't you cry, you
Already on ten, bitch so don't aggravate
Up to here is where I've had it, great now thin ice what you skate
I will locate all my pain, corral it into my veins
Push that up into my brain, danger mode is now engaged
Soulbound rare drop every time we drop shit
You need props like Carrot Top to get your wits about you
Every single atom that is me will say it doubts you
Looking around at humans like this place would be better without you
The whole scene is a disgrace, rather distaste-
-Ful to say the least they'll do the most to get paid
I know money's needed, but what happened to the days
Of saying «Fuck these labels» to «I hope they pick me»
I hate to see potential being flushed down the drain
But natural selection is beautiful when you wait
Weed yourself out, bitch, weed yourself out
SESH to the death of me bruh

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