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I was gone for a minute, now I'm back
Young Bones cashed, ripping Chia seed packs
Counter top's sticky from the fruit getting pressed
Local grown goods make a multicolored mess
Corpse full of flax, and a skull full of ash
Touch and feel the past, let the flashbacks flash
Young William Lamb ... trying to live off up off the land
Living off the plants like it's 1810
Sticking to the plans, cause we know the fucking end
We've all seen what happens, still they try and just pretend
I don't wanna know you and your friends, cause you do it for the wrong reasons
Young and I'm hopeless, bust all my emotions
The place I was put is a rock that's eroded
Trying to work the motion, locking out the bullshit
But all I can do is pick grains for my potions
Let it sink in, let me be the fucking lotion
Cleanse you of disease, and I leave blunt smoking
Himalayan salt from the docks
Grind it down then I pour it on top

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