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FunnyToSeeYouHere - text


I ain't in the mood, I'll be in the tomb
Packed to the roof, 'bout to boom and clear the room
We choose the rules and the first one is you
You got to go i'm getting tired like a loom now
Everybody coming out to the shows
The same ones who used to say fuck Bones
I think it's funny to see that's just how it goes
So fuck away with that "look how far you've come"
You do the most, I do whatever I want and more
Could understand how you mad at the boy
Fuck your flow and all your words, shit's a bore
The cemetery corpse, I done skipped the morgue

Packed to the back pushing to the front
Smoking behind the curtains till its time to get it done
Packed to the back pushing to the front
Swinging both arms till the pit open up

Text přidala Rebella

Video přidala Rebella

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