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We get it you'll never get it remember
Who let you know
Remember who said it
See Sesh is embossed in it
We are embedded inside of the world that we made
If you're lucky you'll get in it
Fuck all that renting shit
We jump to owning
I see your team, I see no one important
Do certain things that you couldn't afford to
Know that I've worn the ground down to the molten
Give a fuck bout what you say too high to relate
Too cashed to debate 48 to his face
Jaw broke on the curb teeth gone with the birds

Just a young piece of shit living life in reverse
If you see me will you tell me how you feel
I know you got some little bitch let me hear
Always screaming that you just so real
You'll embarrass every peer but you just been here

Could get a million views still
I never praise that
They only hit up you
Cause I never hit em' back
They get a couple views
Now they good for just like that
Confused at the moves everybody making it's a wrap

Please leave me out of it
Bitch I'm too out of it
Please leave me out of it
Bitch I'm too out of it

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