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Condensation - text


Chris Travis:
Eyes low, low ride smokin' on some other shit
Purified water and the Earth on my bucket list
I dont really care about 'bout none of that other shit
Godfather Kenshin nigga "who the hell u fuckin with?"
Blunt ashes on my shirt looking like a Walker Pry
Don't fall with me nigga, turn a man to a bitch
Who be layin' in a ditch, under sand and some bricks
And escape the damn scene, [?]

Do you wanna come with me?
You will never want with me
Yellow bone shorty looking like a damn Sunny D
All she ever wanna do it's get up under me
Got it to the point when she can't get over me
Getting to the point I'mma have the go overseas
Foreign money, foreign whip, with the fuckin' stole the key
Back to the basic, all the fuck boys know that's meeeee...
But y'all niggas want be over me

I don't never ride with the Glock on me
Look me in my eyes, and see why that be
I don't wanna breathe if you not with me
I don't wanna be here, I just wanna leave
Walking througt the door, mud on floor
Smelling like trees and I'ain't even smoke
I'll be there on rise all night keep it low
Flip the blade get again 'til I go, keep it low
Friends than I love, gotta friends that I know
Stuck in my head just slumped in my room

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