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They switch sides, switch lives, switch mindsets
With every season comes change, plus dying trends
That's why I sleep within a second, with no line ends
While it seems like the rest is struggling to fit in
I'm outside in the night, blowing out my smoke
I try to wipe my slate clean, but too much was wrote
Say that you killing it good for you
Say you put on for you and your crew
See I don't know them, and I don't know you
But still you know me, does that speak to you?
Does that leech to you? Does it seep through you?
Cause that sure is sweet that you break the rules
Break the truth that these bitches, pay you for all of these digits
Do it cause love, don't do it for bucks, the money ain't leaving here with you
The memory of you is real, when you go on the feelings they feel
The stories they tell, the times that they share, with you will asure that you won't disappear
Kale and chlorella my meal, smoke like Cruella De Vil
Ghost like I'm not in the mirror, follow me close then you gon' disappear

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