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CastleFlutes (ft. chris travis) - text


Chris Travis:
I'm just doing what I do
Smoking weed with a brew
In a all white castle
As I hear the fucking flutes
I just wanna make my loot
As i tell y'all the truth
And my phone bout to die
So your calls ain't on route
Imma probably cop a coupe
Just to flex with the crew
Me & my nigga Bones smoking backwoods til we puke
I can't hear what you sayin' got your life on mute
Playin' footsies with your girl while we wrapped under a quilt!

On & on we go
And all I hear is on & on she go (x2)

I'm Casey, I'm JoJo
I'm crazy, I'm loco
These bitches look like Yoko
Oh no, they so gone
I'm so dead, I'm cash
I'm rollin blunts so I mack
I'm feelin something like Young Dro the way the rubberbands just snap
It's the white Mike Jones, so they blowin up my phone
Coming down, just a young dumb fuck who could flow
I don't need your respect, I don't need your connect
All i need is some drugs and some woods for my nest

I don't wanna wake up
I don't wanna wake up if you're not right here (x2)

Xavier Wulf:
All you knuckleheads is hella scared
Y'all stupid y'all can't deal with this
I'm killin I will get with this so easily I do this shit
Why you niggas tryna be like me, you need to stop that shit
Y'all need to quit that shit so fuckin quick cuz y'all is ugly bitch
I don't give a fuck about how you feel or your fucking clothes
Nigga you can get your lame ass up out the door
Every time you see me I be with my fleet
And we be so damn clean
You be like god damn man
And your girl be like damn
I wanna be with them
Can we chill can we smoke or something
I be like "Hell naw bitch"
I got priorities that don't include you
And I'm doing what I gotta do for me & my crew

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