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Blur - text


I forever say the shit that got them jumping
I'm the one ain't no other so it's nothing
To make the the whole world stop
Don't speak just watch
You are now in the presence of the ruckus
Passed on from a far Im a blur
Vague shape dead eyes let them learn
Light a match to my corpse let me burn
Then brush it all in a transparent urn
Let them see in the end how you turn
From whatever you convinced yourself that you were
How could you hate how could you judge
Another being seeing as we all just dust
Fuck what you think now fuck what you thought
Look me in the eyes not a player I’m a bot
Level 101 hp to the top all slots equipped I’m sharp to the touch

Pull the blinds and I'm sitting in your driveway
No pulse not a sound just smiling
48's on shine just my sake
Teamsesh forever till the day that time breaks

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Video přidala Rebella

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