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Say that you hate it, continue to do it
I do not know what you are doing
Say it make money so ain't a thing wrong, except now ya' whole life fucking ruined
Put in the system, where papers the mission
I don't want it yet anyone else to get it
Fuck everything at this point I'm just over the planet I'm currently living
I'm all in
I'm all in
Dylan Ross:
All I wanna do is hold you near and keep you safe
Rosscolder than the wind coming in off of the lakes
Nowadays I don't even have the time to hate
I look at all of them as weeds and weeds rot away
I often stay inside and hide away
Fuck the time a' day
I'm watching all my enemies straight decay
If you looking for a final fade, pick the day
That is if you ain't broke enough to get down with my rates

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