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If you ain't from the woods, you don't know about this (no)
Fam lay rock 'n roll, no car walk to store (store)
No money in my Levis unless we pulled a move (ah)
Always in a drought still we high off something I don't wish on you
Heart stopping like red lights, I'm shaking, I can't fight it
We strung out like Christmas lighting, hanging over the fire
Would push my blade in your tires
Would flip and switch up the climate
If life was fucked for me, it's fucked for you
There's no getting by it
Bitch I was petty and slimey
Like a slug, a trail was behind me
Wishing I could stop and rewind me
Hit play before I was hiding
Before I turned to the worst
'Fore I gave in to the curse
My DNA is screaming at me
Every night I am hurt
Do not ask me what the time is
Bitch it's always too late
Dug myself too deep, my nails will break if I escape
Now how the fuck I'm supposed to roll a wood straight?
Outta luck, got me like a vase
Drop me, watch me break

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