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Texty písní

texty písní

BONAVOX started as the result of a serendipitous jam session by Sandro Cavazza (Vocals) and Till Richter (Drums) at Los Angeles College of Music. In a short period of time, the two attracted the talents of fellow students Gio Reinaldo (Bass) and Le Dib (Guitar), who brought with them the influences of jazz fusion and Le’s simple yet layered guitar sounds inspired by British pop-rock. With the addition of Marcos Zeeba on rhythm guitar, the band became truly an internationally diverse group, channeling sounds and influences from their home countries of Sweden, Germany, Brazil, and Indonesia to create a sound of their own in their new home of Los Angeles.

In their new self-titled EP, BONAVOX has assembled a collection of carefully crafted songs that portray passion and energy through simplistic, but powerful blends of acoustic guitar, piano and authentic vocals into their arena-level rock that draws influences from U2, Radiohead, Carpark North and others. Their goal is to write a song for each moment, with the hope that their sounds can lift spirits and change mindsets – inspiring hope within the individual listener. The diversity of their backgrounds finds synthesis in their music, with songs that resonate with an international audience and connect to the universal struggles of human emotion.

In 2014, BONAVOX was selected as one of the three winners of GRAMMY U’s “Amplifier Center Stage” competition. Judges such as Hunter Hayes, Kendrick Lamar, Arianna Grande and Robert Glasper picked their song “Fallen Angels” from over 5,000 contributions, which gave them the opportunity to perform at SXSW. They also toured in support of Allen Stone in September for a limited number of tour dates on the West Coast.

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