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Hello, baby, it's only me
I know you're tired, it's been a long hard week
I was thinking maybe if you ain't got no plans
I just wanna be your man
Tonight, I wanna be your man

I know what you're thinking that you've got your doubts
I'm the only one that knows what your dreams are about
If you say no, then I will understand
I just wanna be your man
Tonight, I wanna be your man

And all I want is to dream out loud
We used to think we had it all worked out
I know that you don't want to be alone
The streets outside are so damn cold

You still ever think of you and me as 'us'
Or is it another thing we let die and turn to dust?
I wasn't there to clean the cuts, yeah
I was the one who got caught in the ruts
I was just thinking maybe if you got no plans
I, I just wanna, tonight, I wanna be your man

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