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The Archer - text

A sickness of the heart
Ravages the land
Kissed by the curse
Selfless, helpless
Calling men to war
Eros at arms
A rose for the sword
To bleed is to love
Heed the archer
The thorax usurper
Minds flee the cage
As she takes the stage
The rapture
Her quiver brings
The furious rape
Of my heartstrings
Night tides of Jejunity
Grappling at shores of fidelity
The brazen sun of humility
Blinds us, guides us
The cosmic pulse doth race
As fools keepeth the pace
And every fear will burn
Upon the pyre of fates learned
Lovers in sweet tyranny
Endureth their torments willingly
Blooms in a desert
The victims of chance
Mirage voyeurs
Trapped in an hourglass
Smite me down, keen archer
For the end I have wed
Lay me aside the brave
Reckless, envious dead

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