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Sweden - text

When tommy saw her
he thought she was fab
''I'll give her a few quids for the cab''
yet she preferred to take the bus
instead of makinga great big fuss

he later told her
he's got the crush
but she was falttered
with a small blush

he never knew how the money was spent
but didn't give up
and the cd's were sent


Gottenburg, stocholm, uppsala
Not as half as goud as Harjapaa

she'd listened to them
and gradually
became just mental
about tommy

she thought ''if I'm serious about the lad
why not present him to mum and dad
will drag him straight to countryside''
the prospect made him run and hide
being a very urban guy
he asked himself''oh why oh why''
but thye answer was clear
''Johanna, with you, there's nothing I fear''

new year new year in New York
let's just sit down and pop the cork

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