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v1: Empty moonlight, fills the sky
Wells we had are turning dry
Im supposed to be the man, who figures out the plan
Around town

B: We're in a troubled place, with nothing to erase
In a battle with ourselves, are we...

B2: gone, are we
here, do we
hurt, do we
fear, are we
lost, in our
ways, can we
find, better days.

v2: Glass is shattered in the street
Shards get stuck inside our feet
Were supposed to be the ones, the daughters and the sons
Around town

[B, B2]

CHORUS: We're all goin in alo oh-ooohhhh oh--oh--ooohhhh--ne.
We're all goin in alo--oh-ooohhhh oh--oh--ooohhhh--ne.
We're not coming back ho--oh-ooohhhh--oh--oh ooohhhh--me.
We're all goin in alo oh-ooohhhh oh--oh--ooohhhh--ne.

v3: Eyes are shut and ears open
sounds of breathing do begin
They're supposed to be the right, come help us in the night
Around town



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