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YT Triz- How Can I Lose (Bobby Shmurda) - text

[Hook: YT Triz]
How can I lose, when I came here with nothin'? [x4]
I am leaving here with somethin '
Always servin' somethin ' [x2]
How can I lose, when I came here with nothin'? [x2]

[Verse 1: YT Triz]
What can I lose when I never had shit?
I was out hitting the licks
I was out flipping the nicks
Man that ain't shit. I want the bricks
Way up like Michael Vick, I just wanna go legit
Remember I told the bitch (I told her), but now Imma show you this (ha)
Young nigga sippin' Moet, I'm thinkin' I'll never forget
I drive with no license with grams
The dice in my hands, I'm rollin' that shit
I ride with 2Pac in my hand
And two Glocks in my hands, and I'm loadin' that shit
And I got a semi; I keep that bitch wit me
Her nickname is Biggie ; that bitch shoot like 50
Bitch-- we the mob; I'm John Gotti
Moving that Whitney, Bobby
I'm so fly that I wanna rob me
Pullin' them hoes out the lobby
I think that I came to be somethin'
Go straight to bank, like hunnid (ay)
Gimme them crispy new hunnids
I came in here fuckin' with nuthin'

[Hook: YT Triz]

[Verse 2: Bobby Shmurda]
How can I lose, when I came here with nothin'?
I'm cockin' my tool, and I'm leavin' with somethin'
Ain't scared to shoot, and we packin' them hunnids
Tell Monte to shoot then Monte start dumpin'
Boom Boom Boom
Then Monte start dumpin'
Boom Boom Boom
How can I leave my niggas? I love 'em
I make a move then my niggas- they comin'
I be stuntin', my niggas they be stuntin'
Ask 'em what?
My niggas say nothin' [x3]
A lot of these bitches, I don't really love 'em
Cause they didn't want me when I was nothin'
Now that I'm stuntin', they screamin' they want it
Now that I'm on, I'm screamin' now fuck 'em [x3]
I'm screamin' now fuck 'em [x3]
Ya bitch

[Hook: YT Triz & Bobby Shmurda]

[Verse 3: YT Triz]
How can I lose, when I'm winnin'?
Them losses was in the beginnin'
Ain't no way out once you winnin'
I got respect in my city
I feel like I'm taller than Shaq
I put my family on my back
I'm countin' them racks on them racks
I used to sack the sax
I can not hide all these facts
I can not hide all the pain with these tats
You can not lie when you look at the stats
You got the answers; you didn't have to ask
I'm finna go; I'm finna blow like its a O
I'm finna' smoke. Straight off the block
Reachin' my goals. Now that I'm hot, I'm lettin' you know
I use to stand at the store-- now I'm the man at the store!
Droppin' that flamin' at you (that flame!). Yeah muthafucka, it's poor
Got that bitch sayin', "You know"
She know where we finna go
Cause she fell in love with my thuggin
The same time that I fell in love with that money
How can I lose, when I came here with nuthin'? [x4]

[Hook: YT Triz]

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