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My mother's helper
She had herself a baby
And didn't mean to drown it in the bath
Her lovely brother
He took himself a lover
And didn't mean to bury him out back
They went Ooooooo
Their judgement day shall come
Graverobber's daughters
They poisoned their father
Couldn't take what he would do at night
Their youngest sister
She doesn't even miss him
The things he did to them just were not right
They went Ooooooo
Oooooooo, Ooooooo
And they know
That judgement day shall come
The wicked walk alone
Into damnation
Those suffering of soul
Can find salvation
Town's oldest lady
She sits alone, waiting
Counting all the money that she stole
Slave trader's cousin
He hung a man for nothing
And plans to take that secret to the grave
They go Ooooooo
Ooooooo, Ooooooo
And they know
Judgement day shall come
And they know
Judgement day shall come
And they know
The judgement day shall come

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