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Hell on the Eastern Front - text


Senseless slaughter, encircled and besieged
There is no escape, only death can set us free
Defeat is now certain, there's no point to resist
The entire 6th army, soon it will cease to exist

Battalions, divisions crushed and destroyed
Atrillery's silenced, panzers stand dead in the cold
Amidst the burning ruins, struggling to survive
Fighting a hopeless battle, cut off and left to die

Destroying all in their path
No chance to stand their next attack
They're pushing hard and closing in
They got one aim; to kill and win

Casualties are piling up – victims to the fate of war
Stuch here in this living hell – where death prevails and pain is all

Our destiny is sealed – death the only certainty

The flanks are falling, position are overrun
Caught in the crossfire death is only way out
Battered and beaten, soldiers scream out in vain
No hope for mercy only slow death in pain

The road is short from triumph to bitter loss
From conqueror to conquered, it's time to pay the cost
A gun to the head, aim with a steady hand
Fight from "der Führer", die for the fatherland

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Bloodthorn texty

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