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Dead Men Don't Rape (G.G.F.H. cover) - text


Just a night like any other night,
Something just isn't right .
Tonight - Warm winds blowing.
Moon glowing bright - tonight.

Across the darkness till the time goes by,
Clock keeps ticking.
Abducted by fate.
Use of force - Forced intercourse.

Hate behind it all,
Restraint - The dice will fall.
Just a night like any other night,
Something just isn't right.

Taking from her - Life - Tonight.
Tearing down the wall,
No feeling at all.
Dead men don't rape.

Tonight won't be the same.
Time to end your painful game.
I may be a man - But I'm no man like you,
I believe in nothing you do.

Lower than the shit,
That flows from your ass.
Finger flexes trigger,
You feel the blast.

Bullet rips - Ripping flesh,
Ripping you - Nothing left.
Open wide - Time to swallow your pride.
Choke on your cock - How does it feel?

Now you know the pain is real.
I spit on your grave.
As you lie there rotting.
I shit on your grave,
As maggots rape your body.

Dead men don't rape.

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