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Where the Sinners Crawl - text


I can smell the fear and weakness
see right through inside your soul
i can dwell in silent secrets
mirror tell my tale, no more
I’ve strayed so lost with all this hate
I’ve lost my faith to make the change
relentless, I am reachless

we rise, we fall
in hope we carry on

punch me through the flames
I’m not afraid to die
watch me burn afar
in this given time until i’m done
when my eyes close
when the silence blindfolds
I will reset the glory in my mind

I can see it in the eyes of redemption
as a devil of the ride
the second when I sought for a shelter
only found a cage to hide
in the middle of your saints
a demon needs to be chased
I see you try me

as much as nothing left to say
one of the last ones left to save
I see the end has just begun
I kiss you one more last - goodbye

there are reapers and angels drifting to share the way
right here where the sinners crawl
we fall out of shades, all the desperate ways
revolve - future as a great unknown

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