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We Form the Broken - text


already burned down the town of our ghosts, i know
the bridges of our hope they fall

if you pick up the pieces
like fallen leaves on the ground
can you feel my darkness as your sun
if it all goes down to the same old story
now I know it all
now I know that all
is fair in the love and war

this foundation of a solitude
a brick after another brick
either heaven or hell
still built to be my haven
like living in a déjà vu
with everything I see in you
only a rain on parade
so feel the doom when i'm here with you

oh how we fall in these hearts of the ghosts
oh how we form the broken
I guess the silence is golden if you feel none
heart of a frozen is easier to hold on
all for the broken
we form the broken now

many dreams we've drowned in the past
many narrow lines never made us last
together we form the broken
and heal our wings on our own

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