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Six Feet Savior - text


Where did you go now
where the fuck did you disappear
now that we need you
a glimpse of heaven right down here
you're all little far from home here

sorrow - blinded - cruelty
do we need bloody savior
no more than false fires

where did you go now why did you disappear
beg you to spare me
or crucify me now right here
now how we live here
how does it make you feel
when all your angels flew away in tears
or drowned in world of fear

I will never bow to you
like you will never bleed for me
rule number one in life
never be the number two
but the old habits die hard

when you're the bringer of the storm and i am flying above
six feet - believed to be my savior
no faith choke down on me
I find my intuition
withering down right here

if I sell you all my sins
I heal, you leave me be
death my salvation
do we have a deal

I will never bow to you
like you will never bleed for me
second of the rules of life
never skip the truth of one
but the old habits die hard

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