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Since the day one
it was to become
my path of misery
a fading memory
this time I wrote down
every single word you said
so that on the edge
i can remember everything
there is truth that lives
there is truth that dies
it was in your hands
guess you chose your side
it wasn't all for nothing
a grace is to be found
the only shining bright
is the future we walk no more side by side

walking blind towards our fate
in the depths of the darkness all is grey
the glimmer light, weak and vague
when you wake up it's all too late
your life is slipping away

from the playgrounds
to the darkest hours
where the road is paved
with the acts of hate
blood will be spilled as you fade away
it is all gone whatever was left to take
as the predator has now become the prey

silent screams
cries for hope
no one answers from above
the end of everything
will be a blessing when you’re gone
and no one’s missing the life you've stained

standing scarred bound into our fate
losing the fight and the mind is made
the final sacrifice is yours but mine to take
as you never stood a single chance against me

I stand here call me a renegade
got to love all the mess that you've fucking made
when you never stood a single chance against me

Text přidal DevilDan

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