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Quiet Complaint - text


In this war of the angels
Like a devil i hold the king's card
Down, taken out
Guards of tongue failed on my watch

It's all fucking lost cause
Now bring in the one last storm
No need for the dagger drawn
Too far from where i belong

Of the times we tied
To the day of our demise
I now bleed this out for you
All the tears we cried
Through the vengeance we defied
Never again to be the same no more

We walked on fire
Inhaled desire
Can you recall
How it burned out in a second
In this memory of the dead i scream this
Quiet complaint

Tearing me down now
I feel none, fucking hypocrite
New dawn bring in the thunder
It's like a rise of an ever grey sun
How long will I fight with this single moment
So far already frozen from being so cold myself

No more - please heal me

No more
I want you
Not that far
Please heal me

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Text opravil DevilDan

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