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Architects - text


now look what have we done
built our castles to overcome
the nature of life
all the tears of the sun
despite the fact we are mortal
seeking meaning in eternity we fall

sky is falling on our own land
still we seek the saviors outside
sand is pouring through our cold hands
but all we do is we keep up the fight on - fight on each other
only victims of our own damn wars
hatred - how much is evermore
when we're only hanging by a thread so far

the lost time is never found again
so now inhale the devil's breath

now look where we have come
lost the picture, the hope is done
the nature of being
all the fear, all the grief
so blind in this one present moment
we forget to praise our entity

falling hearts pain installed
we are the architects of our own fall

how dare you even speak
when your heart is full of shameless cruelty
the amount of all this lust
has killed the honor and the trust
we are living in a world full of this fucking vainglory
no longer guided by the stars
we're only victims of our wars
what's with the sanity
now find some fucking grace in your fury

Text přidal DevilDan

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